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She’s here! Our Maddie. She was born on October 1, five days before her due date. We had gone in for an ultrasound appointment the day before to check her status not knowing what was coming next. My OB/Gyn decided that we should induce due to her small size and wanted her out while she was healthy. We were a little surprised that it was going to happen, but we were so excited that we’d get to see our little girl sooner.

I had my family there and my husband Bruce was so supportive. We stayed at the hospital for the induction, and waited till the next day before they decided to break my water and proceed with the delivery. The contractions prior to the water break were manageable. But let me tell you. Once it happened, each contraction got painful after that. Thank you, epidural.

By mid-afternoon, little Madeline came into the world. Bruce and I could not help but cry seeing our sweet girl for the very first time. We were so happy and emotional and excited. She was ours to keep.

We stayed in the hospital for a bit afterwards while I recovered. Boy was I exhausted! But we were doing alright. Bruce changed her diapers like a pro, and Maddie was breastfeeding like a champ. Once we left the hospital and was on our own without the nurses, it definitely took some major adjusting to. We tried to nap whenever we could.

Maddie has been doing great with each new day. She regained her weight and was back at her birth weight in less than a week, which was awesome since for some it takes up to two weeks.

Maddie at one week old Madeline Madeline Madeline Madeline Madeline Madeline

And now, Madeline is one month old. Her spontaneous smiles are so cute. Her baby talk is adorable. She’s our pride and joy, and we love her so much. We’re so excited for all the new things as she continues to grow. But for now, we’re just taking in every little moment as they happen.

Happy one month Madeline! Mommy and Daddy love you to infinity and beyond.

Maddie at one month Madeline Madeline Madeline Madeline Madeline Madeline Madeline

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  1. Congrats Rathy. She’s beautiful. Won’t be long before she says “Ma’ get that camera out my face.”

  2. Omg, she is like the cutest thing ever!! Btw all of your photos are lovely. Please have a look at my blog tooღ

    Augusta |

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